Abandoned Dog Searching For Shelter Is So Happy To See His Hero

An abandoned dog walking aimlessly through corn fields, in search of shelter before a storm is overjoyed to meet his hero.

While an animal rescuer was traveling to his Dog Rescue Shelter, he noticed a dog by the side of the road. The dog was walking aimlessly toward corn fields, in search of shelter from an oncoming storm.

Dog Rescued From Neglectful Owner
The dog after his rescuer first spotted him walking aimlessly in the fields in search of shelter for an incoming storm.

As the rescue worker located in Mladenovac, Serbia approached the dog, he was met with smiles and a wagging tail–and a seeming sigh of relief at the prospect of having shelter before the storm.

The lost puppy began wagging his tail and immediately took to his rescuer.

His savior described the moment, “I will never forget that cry when he realized he was saved. That helpless whimper.”

Abandoned Puppy Rescued In Fields Realizes Everything Will Be Okay
That moment when the lost puppy knew everything would be okay…

The dog turned out to be a one-year-old puppy with plenty of youth and enthusiasm in him. His rescuer took him to the shelter in Serbia where the pup was showered and fed. Based on the baldness identified under his neck, it was likely that he had been chained at some point before being abandoned.

The rescued puppy became quite popular at the dog shelter, making friends in no time.

Not only is he popular among the other dogs at the shelter, he’s also gained popularity on the internet. As of writing this post, the rescue video has been watched over 100,000 times.

Youtube Channel: Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia